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Woman's Boutique Consignment


Woman's Boutique Consignment

Whether you need a new dress for a fundraiser or a chic suit for work, you can look like you just stepped off a runway without breaking the bank. Find the latest looks and the best labels at incredible prices at Woman’s Boutique Consignment.

You’ll only find high-end labels on our racks. You won’t have to dig through stacks of sub-standard consignments to get to the good stuff. We only stock the most coveted designer dresses, blouses, jeans, and other clothing. All items are carefully inspected for authenticity.










4925 St. Elmo Ave Bethesda, MD 20814



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Need to make some room in your closet? Want to make a little extra cash? Here are the ins and outs of consigning with us:

How it Works:

  • You consign your high-end clothing with us.
  • We sell them for top dollar.
  • We split half the profit.

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